adam j. sontag

slightly more like a website than before


According to my Facebook profile, I’m a guy who could type 66 words per minute when I was eight years old. While this is true, I’m much more than just an average typist. Not only can I now type about 88 words per minute, I’m a New York City-based web developer who has at times been a musician, writer, and actor, but regrettably, not a professional football player.

I work for Bocoup, and serve as the Developer Relations Lead for the jQuery Project . My band, Bellevue’s Finest , played extensively around New York City and released a few EPs between 2008 and 2011, but we are presently on an open-ended hiatus from “being a band.”

My blog has come in many flavours over the years , most recently as a vessel for my Repeating First Grade project, which is why the majority of the posts here contain my own childhood anecdotes and artwork, republished with pithy delightful commentary on the calendar day corresponding to their original authorship during the 1992-1993 school year. My relative precociousness aside, these journal entries were not done entirely of my own accord; class time was set aside for the labour of their keeping, an exercise doubtlessly designed to monitor and guide me and my classmates in the development of basic writing and spelling skills. Nevertheless, they offer a considerably more comprehensive “About Me” than I could ever deign to contrive here.