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an interception that was great

an epic conflit in which not one apostophe survived intact

On Sunday, Brian Washington of the New York Jets vs. the made an interception that was great, and got the touchdown vs. the Bufflo Bills Zoomed and won, on th’re 11th try against Bufflo and th’re second win of the season and they we’re happy.

This electrifying recollection of Brian Washington’s last-minute, game-winning touchdown belies its accuracy: In fact, this was the Jets’ fourth win of the season in their 13th try! It also belies the circumstance: The Jets “we’re happy” not only because they were victorious, but because it was an emotional, unlikely triumph, the team’s first game since Dennis Byrd was carted off the field of play, paralysed.

I was just happy because they won!

Many writers struggle bitterly with the appropriate usage of their vs. there vs. they’re. If you’re one of them, there’s an important lesson here: Never use th’re, it’s not a word. I learned this the hard way.