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I can draw 3-D houses

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I can draw 3-D houses

Perspective. Not only is it extremely beneficial when examining your childhood, but it also pretty much catalysed the Renaissance. Remarkably, humans spent millenia plodding around this planet without a systematic approach to realistically representing the world around them onto a flat surface. Over the course of the last thousand years, however, a Muslim scientist’s resarch into vision made its way to an Italian painter, who revolutionised his craft. This shared knowledge traversed the globe over the ensuing centuries, eventually reaching my mother, who, perhaps alarmed by my cubist tendencies, spent an evening with me in early January explaining such concepts as proportion and vanishing points.

She demonstrated these techniques to me by drawing a house that, if memory serves me correctly, looked significantly better than the mimetic depiction I subquently mustered. Nevertheless, I was eager to show off my newfound skills as soon as possible. Despite its flaws, it is not nearly as jarring as the Satire on False Perspective.

Hogarth's Satire on False Perspective

William Hogarth’s Satire on False Perpsective briefly calms you with dainty pastoral imagery right until it melts your mind!