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I can't wait for my birthday party

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I can’t wait for my birthday party because:
1. It is at Villa Margarita in the new backroom.
2. I get lots of presents!

I’ll never cease to be flummoxed by the nature of some of the corrections that I received on these journal entries. The name of a restaurant is that restaurant’s name; all restaurant names do not implicitly include “The” and “Restaurant.” I’m not sure why anyone would attempt to engdender this pedantry in a budding young author.

I had five consecutive birthday parties at Villa Margherita, my family’s local favorite pizza and Italian spot at the time. Eventually, I would not only have birthday parties there, but haircuts as well. As the boom times went bust, they’d give up the “new backroom,” which became Arista Hair Salon, where as a high school student I’d have some of my last pre-fro trims.

Tonight, I was relieved to find out that The Villa Margherita Restaurant’s apparent demise was in fact no demise at all. The Joe in “Papa Joe’s,” which occupies the same space, is in fact the very same Joe who made my birthday pies two decades ago.