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I went to Mysteries of Science after school

I went to Mysteries of Science after school

I went to MYsteries ofscience After School.

Come on, Mrs. Judge! Why all the noob questions about MoS? It’s like you’re not even reading this blog journal! But somehow I got an epic smiley face anyway. Maybe it was because of my twin successes: using the past tense, and spelling science correctly.



Six-year-olds, man, are these fuckers boring, or what? A journal like this is a conversation, and it sure doesn’t feel like I’m holding up my end. “What are you up to?” the teacher asks. “I am going to do something!” The next day, again, “What are you up to?” “I did something!!!!!” Considering the religious experience I’d had the night before, you’d think I could make with the details, already!

Nope! It’s even the same illustration as yesterday, except the table got a magic-marker upgrade (and my hands were amputated). When you ask a six-year- old about his or her activities the preceding day, the ensuing rambling tends to inspire one to go van Gogh. Judging my performance when pressed to compose a substantive recap, you’d think the physical act of writing words was somehow difficult and new to these people!