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I'm am going to mistarie's of siese

I'm am going too mistarie's of siese

I’m am going Too MISTARIE’S of SIESE

It is little wonder that Mrs. Judge wondered, “Where?” I was about to go to “Mysteries of Science,” an after-school class at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center , which was known back then as the “Y”. Why? Did you know that Jews had things like the YMCA, but they just called them YMHA’s instead? Now you do.

Mysteries of Science was a super-duper fun time where we’d learn about rocks and volcanos and stars, etc. You can COUNT on the fact that you will hear more about it this year, but there is one anecdote that I know did not make it into my journal:

We learnt about erosion - I don’t think they told us it was “erosion,” so to speak, but the fact boulders gradually turn into little tiny rocks, and that rocks turn into sand. “Rocks? Sand?” I thought to myself, “Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, the RADIO!” And it was at that point that I proceeded to bastardise The Police’s classic, Roxanne.

This continued for several weeks.

People who know me well, of course, know that I no longer derive any pleasure from crafting cheap puns out of song lyrics. *

*Not actually true.