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I'm speak at jQuery Summat!

Environments for Humans is hosting their second annual online jQuery Summit on November 16th and 17th, and I’ll be doing my part, giving a talk on tips, tricks, and techniques for debugging your jQuery on Day 2.

But since it’s gonna be a tad lonely giving a tech talk from my kitchen, the EfH folks have been kind enough to give me two tickets (street value: $300 each!!) to give away to whomever I’d like. Like my yayQuery colleague Rebecca Murphey, I’ll be giving away my tickets to whomever can best answer the question “Why do you want to come to the jQuery Summit?”

Unlike Rebecca’s giveaway, however, there’s a catch. To win your seat at login for the conference, you’ll need to explain why you want to go - in the same format as my Repeating First Grade project! I don’t want the commentary, just a short, almost-grammatical sentence accompanied by a ham-fisted illustration. If you don’t (?!?!??!) know about it already, here are some recent examples.

You’ve got until this Sunday night (November 7th) at midnight to submit your explanation via whichver medium you like: Twitter, flickr, blog, WHATEVER. Good luck!

UPDATE: Paul Irish will also be awarding his comp’d tickets through this contest, so there are now FOUR tickets available! Break out your magic markers, people! UPDATE: One of Rebecca’s tickets is available too. That makes 5!