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Jeffrey's school class comeing over

On Wedesday Jeffrey's school class comeing over helP us celebrate Sukkoth.

On Wedesday Jeffrey’s school class comeing over helP us celebrate Sukkoth.

“School sucks! I hate school!” They’re common refrains, sentiments so universal that I do not hesitate to ascribe them to readers of this blog. The only people who seem to appreciate going to school these days are the ones to whom unfortunate circumstance denied the opportunity. By the time middle school and then high school roll around, pretty much everyone is exhausted by the endless cycle of waking up early, shuffling from subject to subject surrounded an amorphous blob of people you’ve known forever but don’t know beyond long-ago-conceived notions, and then returning home to the endless toil of homework, homework, and more homework. This disillusionment tends to run the gamut from the academically inclined to the … academically disinclined.

So is it the grind? Or is it rather the sharp dropoff from the days when school actually consisted of your brother’s nursery school class coming over to your magical Jewish hut to eat snacks? Of building with blocks, going to farms, and watching videos of animals? An entire day spent largely with you and twenty-some-odd other kids, three of whom who had the same first name, in the teacherly embrace of a single entity? And RECESS?!

By the end of fifth grade, we spoke in hushed tones of that dear friend’s impending departure, to be replaced in middle school by a clinical 23 minute lunch period. And then there came a time when missing school actually had consequences - the backlogged homework a lesser punishment than the teacher’s scorn. But in first grade, it wasn’t even a big deal that I missed like a bajillion days of school in order to attend synagogue on all these Jewish holidays.

That record of absenteeism should explain to you the spotty record of actual posts from this early October period, and also dovetailed nicely with my recent (and awesome) vacation! You can now rest assured, however, that we are officially back on schedule with the past!