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On Tuesday, Mysteris of science again

On Tuesday Mys Mystery Mysteris of science again. I have

On Tuesday Mys Mystery Mysteris of science again. I have

Are you as pumped for another post about when Mysteries of Science is or isn’t happening as I was for the fact the class was resuming? PROBABLY NOT. Even if six-year-olds didn’t make an epic deal out of whatever minutiae they should happen to encounter, I doubt you’d be able to match the sheer enthusiasm of my HOOARAY!!! I’m not quite sure what I was so excited about: So far, Mysteries of Science seems to be nothing but a bunch of 80’s music and staring at a bowl full of water.

Clearly though, I was teeming with anticipation. Despite several efforts, I never quite managed to spell “mysteries” correctly, and poor “I have” is just dangling there in space, a faint echo of a sentence that never was.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve chuckled at the great difference in scale between the length of the original journal entries and these accompanying posts. I’m able to expound on the lack of detail I was able to provide eighteen years ago. It’s not like I’m some awesome super genius - we all get a lot better at you know, words and stuff, language use as we mature. In fifth grade, we all groaned when informed we needed to write 150 whole words in some state writing exam we were required totake. But by the time those paper-pushing years of high school and college came around, I could LITERALLY shit 150 words onto the page without even getting to anything of real significance.

Folks always be bitching about how Twitter’s 140-character limit makes it difficult to be precise, nuanced, or expressive. First graders just don’t have that problem! Twitter’s TOS does not mention anything about age - where the six-year-olds at?!