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Repeating First Grade

For the last few months, I’ve been looking forward to the start of the school year. Not because I’m going to school, but because this year, I’m going to be posting my first grade journal, each entry on its corresponding date from the 1992-1993 school year.

Back then, I was in Mrs. Judge’s first grade class at Center Street Elementary School. In what I suspect was (and is) a fairly standard elementary school activity, we all kept marble notebooks and updated them several times per week. By recounting and illustrating recent events in our little lives, we reinforced all the phonics and shit that we were supposed to be learning.

aloha, says the pineapple

just look at how great my mom’s handwriting is.

I must’ve had this idea in early 2010, and I’ve been psyched for it since. Why? I’m not so sure about that. Everyone I’ve ever shown it to has been quite amused, perhaps because watching a child’s handwriting slowly improve is pretty awesome. Or because they were being polite.

Me, I just like looking back and seeing that despite the nearly twenty years that have transpired since I was a first grader, a lot hasn’t changed. A lot has – but I can attest today that much still remains of the youngster I hope you’ll spend the next year getting to know.

Though I’ve been preparing to do this whole blog-my-first-grade-journal thing for at least six months, probably longer, I got burned anyway. In anticipation, I bought a brand new HP all-in-one scanner in the middle of last week. Unfortunately, it came bundled with Crash Your Mac Every Time You Scan Technology™. While I’ve tried to convince myself that it’s a feature, it almost definitely is a bug. Luckily, with only two hours left before my chance to actually start this on schedule, I was able to wedge in a post-dinner, pre- LIRR scanning session. So for the three or so people who were wondering why this didn’t start earlier, that’s why. And for everyone (else), school is now in session!