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Repeating 'Repeating First Grade'

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking at this page right now thinking, “Hey, this website is way more websitier than I remember it being!” Well, we’re right. Over the few weeks, I’ve ported my blog over to Octopress and slapped on a fresh coat of paint. Intrepid observers will also notice that the entire month of November,1992 has mysteriously appeared in the archives. But for now, I must address the question of the hour:

Hey, You Said You Were Going To Do This Pretty Much Every Day In Synch With Your Journal From 1992

I still am! Unfortunately, I accidentally an entire year. It didn’t really feel like a long time. But still, that one’s on me. Seriously, my bad.

There’s still a lot of fun left to be had, so whether you’re rejoining this trip in progress, or you’re starting at the beginning, I’m happy to have you aboard again, anew.