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Right now, we are working on water

Im am going to MYsteries of science at the Y RAIT now we are wikring on winter

Im am going to MYsteries of science at the Y RAIT now we are wikring on winter

Here we are again. Another week, another Mysteries of Science class, another example of the fact that I hadn’t quite grokked that “I’m” means “I am.” Today’s entry has more corrections than any other thus far - I’m not sure if I actually didn’t know how to spell “working” or “water,” or I was just so excited that I didn’t give a shit. Judging by that halfassed Table With A Bowl Of Water On It, I’d say it was the latter.

I’ve always hated being corrected for things that aren’t wrong. During my freshman year of college, I had a paper returned to me with points subtracted for my having “split the infinitive,” a phenomenon which I knew to be impossible in English. I wrote an e-mail to Geoff Pullum, the author of the Cambridge Grammar of the Enligsh Language, who kindly confirmed that I was correct. Did I ever tell my professor? No. That would have been kind of petty. But I knew I was RIGHT. This same dynamic can be observed in my scratching out of “MCA” in what my teacher assumed was meant to be YMCA. I meant Y, OK!?!

If I knew at the time what YMCA stood for, my attack on those extraneous characters might have been all the more fervent. As a youngster, my only conception of Christianity was as the opposite of Judaism. I was not the only one whose thinking was clouded by embracing the hot/cold, open/closed, in/out dichotomy that is crucial to graduating from kindergarten, and I vividly recall arguing with classmates over which was better, Judaism or Christianity. The existence of different sects of each religion - the existence of other religions altogether! - were not details omitted, but unknown unknowns.

Today, it is obvious to me that no one religion can be judged to be empirically better or worse than another. Even though Jews are pretty good at water experiments, Jesus worked on water, too.

P.S. Also Muslims!

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