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the Jets don't get anywhere

no, it wasn't excellent, i LOST!

This is the second half of my playing time the Eagles kickoff at the beginning of the second half the ball goes in end zone for a touchback the Jets don’t get anywhere the Jets puntted the Eagles scored lots of touchdowns and won the game 134 to 0!!!!!!!!!!!

In my first game in control of the Jets, playing a football video game for the first time ever, I lost by a glaring margin of 134 to zero. The 1992-1993 Jets were 4-12, out of the playoffs, and the guys I had were worse. Front Page Sports Football did not have a license with the NFL or NFLPA, thus all the players had made up names and numbers. My first game simply matched “Philadelphia” vs. “New York,” but both teams wore white and green uniforms – so it was like that.

While many more years of losing would ensue for the real-life Jets during the mid-1990s, it would only be a few weeks before I’d found a dastardly tactic to reverse my own fortunes…

"can i have two charts?" "what?" "a pair of graphs please"

Meanwhile, my teacher was desperately trying to impose some semblance of punctuation onto my unbridled stream of sportscasting consciousness. On the facing page, I was introduced for the first time to the pilcrow, to which I’d take reluctantly.