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The sun is so hot

The sun is so hot.

The sun is so hot.

All I wanna do is rejoinder you!

The sun is so hot. No shit. “The sun is so hot” And Other Obvious Statements The sun is so hot. AND SO IS YOUR MOM!!

It seems such a straightforward truth, yet none of us (save for Icarus) have ever experienced it directly. The fact that the sun is so hot is just that: a fact we are all taught at some point or another. Until that happens, one would be remiss to fault a youngster for failing to fathom just how unfathomably hot the sun truly is. With naught but a few summers’ heat on which to base judgment, a child can’t appreciate the difference between “hot enough to rapidly melt an ice pop” and “hot enough to instantly incinerate anything that comes within several million miles.”

This very concept of scale is pretty much lost on kids. In nursery school, we spent a lot of time on the playground questioning what we’d do if we ever got a hundred dollars. The answer? Buy a mansion. As it turns out “get a dude to maybe fix the sustain pedal on your piano” or “ride the subway for one month” are much more realistic expectations for a single Benjamin.

Were it not for Mysteries of Science (which had not met in several weeks, but was clearly still at the forefront of my mind), further years might have passed before I could have mused this musing. This is not to say I wasn’t learning from Mrs. Judge; rather, the chemical composition of our solar system is beyond the scope of a first grade curriculum. Much more germane are simple, digestible, and often orthographic nuggets like the one dispensed above: If a word ends with the letter S, appending another one will not result in a properly formed plural noun.

this was my first encounter with "-es"