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we went to CompUSA and got two joysticks

"on the computer screen" come on

yesterday evening, about 5:20 my dad, my brother, and me went to CompUSA and got two joysticks and a joy stick pad, for my computerized football game.
I will help move players better but I got so adjusted to the keyboard that I still use the keyboard, I have to learn how to use it.

The next time someone belittles the technology preferences of a child – or you’re inclined to do so yourself – kindly refer back to this post. Though it had been only 11 days since I’d received my “computerized football game”, already I’d become “so adjusted” to using the keyboard that I was uncomfortable changing input devices.

To reduce this new joystick to the status of a “peripheral input device,” however, is to belittle its importance. It was a new toy, and places like CompUSA and Egghead would become the toy stores of my childhood. Nowadays, I still feel a tinge of the same rush I got as a youth on the rare occasion I enter a MicroCenter, albeit with a markedly reduced sense of wonder.